A Buyer’s Guide to White Gold Bracelets

For centuries, owning gold jewellery has been a sign of wealth, class, regality and countless other positive descriptions. Gold is stretched, moulded and set in many different ways to produce beautiful rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings and more. Other metals and alloys can be added to change its integrity and colour. Most notably for this guide, a careful choice of metals such as silver and zinc mixed with gold will bleach it to a stunning pale.

Types of White Gold Bracelets
As with most types of jewellery, white gold bracelets come in a variety of styles. From the popular twisted ‘herringbone’ shape to the varied charm bracelets available. gold bracelet Intricate moulding and shaping of the white gold can lead to beautiful ‘link’ bracelets and Figaro-style bracelets.

They can also come with a variety of different fastenings to add to both the look and functionality of the piece of jewellery. One popular style is the T-bar fastening, where the bracelet is held together by a metal bar at one end going through a hoop at the other end, creating a bracelet with an elegant finish. Another popular style is where there is no fastening at all, and the bracelet instead being formed as a solid bangle with an opening allowing the wearer to simply slide it on and off.

Also keeping in with the style of many other types of white gold jewellery, a variety of different stones can be set into the gold to add a new dimension to the quality of the jewellery. From diamonds to cubic zirconias, there are a multitude of jewels and stones that can improve the look of your bracelet.

White Gold Bracelets as Gifts
White gold bracelets can make an ideal gift for a loved one on a special occasion (or any time, if you’re feeling romantic!). Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or engagement, the right bracelet could be just what you’re looking for as the perfect gift which is sure to go down well.

Most jewellery retailers will provide white gold bracelets in stylish boxes, ensuring your gift has that immediate elegant look. These same retailers are likely to also offer a gift wrapping service, so for a little extra expense you can have a professionally wrapped special present ready to give to your loved one.


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