Deciphering the Hidden Unconscious Messages in Dreams

The dream images are the unconscious words. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is your natural doctor. Therefore, it shows you the mistakes of your conscience, and it reflects the influence of your wild conscience (anti-conscience) into your human conscience.

I’m going to teach you how to scientifically interpret a dream by showing you a few important techniques of the secret unconscious language in dreams.

1. The first technique used by the unconscious mind is the use of dream symbols in order to give you important messages (which are quite long) in a compact form.

For example, the appearance of the snake in a dream already gives you a very important message by itself. The snake is showing you that you will suffer because you are making a serious mistake, and you must stop making it. Something very unpleasant in your daily life will oblige you to stop making this mistake forever.

If you are intelligent, you will think about your daily life and understand what 2020 menh gi mistake you are making. Then, you’ll stop making it, before being punished by the consequences of your negligence.

You’ll also care about learning the dream language and translating all the details of your dream. The wise unconscious mind will show you how to avoid suffering. You only have to follow the unconscious guidance in your dreams in order to find solutions to all problems.

2. The second technique used by the unconscious mind is the formation of a story with a double meaning in a dream. The dream scenes follow a different logic but they seem to follow the logic of your conscience.

Your conscience ignores the dream language the same way that your anti-conscience ignores it, but you can learn how to understand the unconscious language in your dreams thanks to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and thanks to my simplifications. Ancient civilizations could understand the meaning of their dreams before Jung’s discoveries. The dream language is based on sanctity.

Therefore, in order to understand the meaning of dreams you must follow the unconscious logic, besides learning the meaning of the most important dream symbols, like the snake. This is necessary because the unconscious mind has to hide the information it is giving to your human conscience from your evil anti-conscience.

The double meaning of the dream story is based on the creation of a story that seems to fit into your daily reality and belong to the logic of your human conscience. This first version of the story is a covering that misleads your anti-conscience.

At the same time, the unconscious mind creates a second version of the same story behind the first one, which you can understand when you translate the symbolic meaning of the dream images, while following the unconscious logic.

For example, you are in a farm when you see a snake in a dream. Then, the dream scene changes, and you see yourself climbing a mountain. The first, apparent dream story is a description of what happens to you while you are outdoors.

However, the second version of the dream story is the most important one because it reveals the real meaning of this dream. By learning the second version of this story you will understand the hidden unconscious messages.

When you climb a mountain in dreams, this means that you are accepting to face an important life challenge that will help you evolve.

You have to relate this information to the first dream image, so that you may understand the unconscious messages.

The snake represents a bad event that will put an end to one of your mistakes. Since you saw that you were climbing a mountain after seeing the snake, this means that you have to face an important life challenge in order to avoid passing through a bitter experience that will put and end to a serious mistake. This is the real meaning of this dream.

3. The third technique used by the unconscious mind is to link all the dream images even though they seem to be unrelated according to the logic followed by our conscience. The unconscious mind uses each dream image in order to give you an important message, and all dream images together give you a general important message.

The unconscious mind gives you information about all dangers, in order to help you prevent what is bad. The value of the unconscious messages in your dreams is basically protective.

When you’ll manage to eliminate your anti-conscience and have a clear mind, the dream messages will help you evolve. You won’t need to have warnings about your anti-conscience’s interference. This means that you won’t have nightmares or recurring dreams. Your dreams will give you important lessons and reflect future predictions. You will have the chance to prepare the future results you desire and attain higher levels of knowledge.

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