Many Inventory and Tracking Problems Solved With Barcode Solutions

Barcodes are certainly not new, in fact, virtually everything that is shipped from a private company via one of the major carriers is going to have a barcode for tracking and identification purposes. However, there are many situations that can be enhanced and improved through the use of barcode solutions. These solutions include barcode scanners and barcode printers, at a minimum. And companies often substitute the use of barcode scanners with rugged mobile computers for more sophisticated operations.

One major use of barcodes that would be familiar to many people involves inventory tracking. If your favorite store has only one size or color left on the shelf, a quick scan of the barcode, that connects to the inventory records, will reveal if there are any more in stock. If the stock is depleted, the barcode should identify when the next shipment is expected. Depending on how the system is set up, the barcode system could possibly identify possible substitutes for the originally sought item.

However, the use of barcodes goes far beyond picking up an item in a grocery or hardware store. A barcode system can actually revolutionize the way some businesses operate.

In businesses where the items sold or distributed are linked directly to the inventory supply, the need for taking a physical inventory every few months can be eliminated. Not only do you eliminate the tedious task of physically counting the items, you will always have access to the most accurate real-time inventory at your disposal, through the use of the barcode system. This method of tracking can be used in almost any industry.

Furthermore, barcoding solutions do not stop with matching numbers of items sold, as compared to the base inventory. Other areas where the system can be useful to include:

  • Excessive number of partial shipments
  • Delivery cycles too lengthy
  • Visibility of inventory
  • Making certain items ordered online reach the correct address

Barcodes touch almost every aspect of commerce and most businesses today. However, there are many who have not yet recognizing the advantages and the ultimate savings that a barcoding system can provide. Have you noticed how many delivery services such as furniture and appliance delivery still have the customer sign a hard copy of the delivery confirmation? Today, with signature capture capabilities, the barcode of an item being delivered can be scanned, the customer can sign a mobile computer and a receipt printed on the spot. Instead, owners and managers are concerned about the “trouble” that will be involved in acquiring, installing and training people to use the new system.

Improvements do not always come easy. Everybody did not jump on the computer bandwagon immediately, but most businesses use them today. Therefore, like the implementation of computers, once the improvements are in place, everything can get a whole lot easier and much more efficient.

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